Our Process Sets Us Apart From The Rest — To Help You Plan For Life

Our Planning Process

Our Planning Process

Our planning process, called the WTL5, is designed to help business owners, professionals, and families who are looking for guidance in navigating and connecting wealth, tax, and legal universes.

First and foremost, our planning process starts with having honest conversations. 

We specialize in working with business owners, professionals, and individuals looking for a proven planning process that is designed to help them plan around their specific needs, wants, and goals.  

Our clients appreciate quality education and demand a firm who places high value on proper planning.  While our process is comprehensive, we are able to break the topics down in an easy to understand terms.


The first visit is mutual discovery session. Our team gets to know you, and you get to know us. you’ll meet with our team of trusted financial professionals to discuss your future financial goals. Based on your financial needs and objectives, we will identify potential tools and strategies aimed at providing you with the confidence in meeting those goals that you deserve. We know that your time is valuable, so we’ll be efficient, and there will be no surprises.


We analyze the information gathered in the Discovery meeting and prepare our analysis.  Our team explains the conclusions of our review and helps you understand, in straight talk, your current situation and the impact our findings could have on your financial future.

Action Plan

We work together to fine-tune a plan that meets your needs and requirements.  We educate you on why we are making specific recommendations with complete transparency. This step allows you to make the best decisions regarding your financial wellness.


This is where your custom strategy becomes a reality.  We will implement your plan we've tailored for you, which meets your needs and requirements.  This is where the lifelong journey with our firm begins.


The most important step in our process is regular reviews of your custom plan.  During regular reviews we evaluate your progress and look to keep you on course.  As your needs change or evolve, so does our planning guidance.  As the financial world continues to change, so will our guidance.  Proper planning and regular reviews help us to make sure we are providing you with the best service as well as continuing to keep you educated on your plan.

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