Numbers, Tips, & Articles For March 2020

Numbers, Tips, & Articles For March 2020

| March 15, 2020

Here's our collection of important numbers, helpful tips, and interesting articles we've compiled for the month of March. 

We believe you will find them useful in helping to secure your financial future. 

We also threw in a few other interesting topics outside the world of finance.  Enjoy!

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Crunching The Numbers:

$43 -- The average amount St. Patrick's party goers spend.1

50 Lbs. -- Of dye is used to turn the Chicago River green.1

13M -- Pints of Guinness will be consumed worldwide on St. Patrick's Day.1

$4,800  -- More in earnings will be subject to payroll tax for Social Security in 2020

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Travel Tips -- 11 Smart Ways To Save on Travel (Moneytalksnews)

Shopping tips during crisis -- Tips for shopping amid coronavirus fears (Click Orlando)

Spring cleaning -- 5 tips for spring cleaning this year (since coronavirus has you quarantined at home, anyway) (USA Today)

Time to get organized -- A time management coach’s surprising advice for the overly organized (Fast Company)

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How Women Can Prepare For Retirement -- In honor of Women's history month, learn how women can better prepare for retirement. (Canyon Ridge Group, LLC)

The Best Alternatives to Zoom for Remote Meetings -- Working from home, here's some remote meeting apps you may want to look at.  (Lifehacker)

Side Gig Taxes  -- ‘Side Gig’ Losses: 9 Tax Rules to Determine Hobby or Business Activity (Think Advisor)

Tax Deadline -- IRS pushes tax date to July 15, same as payment deadline (Financial Planning)

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