Numbers, Tips, & Articles For February 2020

Numbers, Tips, & Articles For February 2020

| February 15, 2020

Here's our collection of important numbers, helpful tips, and interesting articles we've compiled for the month of February. 

We believe you will find them useful in helping to secure your financial future. 

We also threw in a few other interesting topics outside the world of finance.  Enjoy!

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Crunching The Numbers:

$41.6 million -- Per hour, the amount of revenue that Apple generates.1

10,000 -- Every day between now and the end of the next decade, another 10,000 baby boomers is expected to turn 65. That’s roughly one person every 8 seconds.2

67% -- Of retirees are confident about having enough money to live comfortably through their retirement years.3

59%  -- Of retirees were dependent upon on Social Security as a major source of their income.3

86,248+ -- The amount of Centenarians, in 1980 there were 32,000 of them.4

79% -- Of Centenarians are women.4

$102,204 -- The 2019 national average for care in a skilled nursing facility.5

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Google Maps is 15 -- Google Maps turns 15: Here are 15 tips to get the most out of the app (USA Today)

Avoid the flu -- Health expert gives tips to avoid the flu (WBBJ News)

Like a boss-- Start your day like a boss: 8 tips for being more productive every morning (CNET)

A Healthy heart -- Tips to lower your risk for heart disease (Today)

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Understanding Marginal Income Tax Brackets -- Helping you to understand the US tax system. (Canyon Ridge Group, LLC)

The SECURE Act -- Learn more about this monumental bill that was just passed, and how it may affect your retirement strategies.  (Canyon Ridge Group, LLC)

A Strong 2020!?  -- A local realtors group president expects a strong 2020 for the Las Vegas real estate market (Las Vegas Sun)

Don't forget about Crypto-- Don’t Forget About Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin At Tax Time (Forbes)

To The Moon -- A Moon Landing In 2024? NASA Says It'll Happen; Others Say: No Way. (NPR)

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